I have been with Dinesh sir (fondly known as DK) on the Kanha and Masai Mara tours on a few occasions and the learnings have been phenomenal. With DK, what I have seen is his enthusiasm, zeal, and genuine approach to spreading awareness of wildlife conservation and wildlife photography in particular. His simplistic approach, down-to-earth nature, and amazing sense of humor make it a pleasure to be associated with him. His tours are carefully curated for photographers and families too. He is very particular with the choice of hotels as we all need to unwind in a comfortable yet luxurious place at the end of a hectic day. The drivers and guides that cater to our safari tours are very knowledgeable and experts in animal behavior and forest. The drivers and Guides are chosen by DK personally to ensure the best experience for all his tour participants. A tour with DK is the best place for amateurs and wildlife photography enthusiasts to nurture their photography skills and grow as a photographer.

Thank you DK sir for being a great mentor!! Looking forward to many more tours with you!!