About Us

About Us

The Thought Behind Kaadoo Trails

Over the years, we at Krab Media & Marketing have designed bestselling tabletop games and books, inspired by our passion for wildlife and photography.

Both act as a safe introduction for children to the vibrant wildlife our planet offers while providing an engaging getaway from the digital world. But, to further appreciate the beauty of our world, we must step out for an adventure.

Imagine taking a break from your lightning-fast life and slowing down in nature’s lap with people that mirror your sentiment, sounds that reboot your headspace, sights that fill you with awe, a culture that fills your heart, and a journey that you’d crave to experience again.

This is what our founder, Diinesh Kumble’s many photo tour companions experienced, every time they explored a National park and Reserve. He considers his true home to be amidst nature surrounded by fascinating wildlife. His expertise and stories have driven many to accompany him on these journeys. So, we decided to take a leap and guide you out of your busy lives and into the wondrous world of the wild. With us, explore wildlife, photograph them, and experience the most authentic safaris.
We are ready to take you on the ride of your life, every time. A safari is more than spotting a Tiger and we can’t wait to redefine it for you.