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Photo Tour, Jim Corbett, 2017

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Safari Rides That Can Change Your Life.

With Kaadoo Trails, you will experience the wild unfiltered. When we set out to explore a National Park or Reserve, we don’t count only on sighting a few animals, we plan for you to witness flora, fauna, people, culture, and a different ecosystem in its full glory. We believe every safari is a story and our curated itineraries make each story memorable. Nature has a way of inspiring, transforming, and humbling us, and that is what you must seek from each wilderness escape.
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What We Do

We provide once-in-a-lifetime safari experience, every time.

Curated itinerary

Our own experienced experts have helped us design safari itineraries that guarantee unparalleled experiences with sights to behold.

Nature stay

Our stays ensure comfort, safety, and a much-needed connection with nature, with all necessary amenities.

Wildlife photography

Learn to understand the sounds and colors of nature to capture wildlife in your own unique way, no matter your photography skill level.

Pro photo tours

Those who are amateur or pro photographers can go on Pro Photo Tours with the Master Craftsman & SONY Artisan - Diinesh Kumble.

Guided service

We pride ourselves on our lifelong relationship with nature and wildlife, so be ready to learn everything before and during your journey.

Why Choose Us!

Where Elegant Spaces Meet Wild Places

The wildlife viewing is superb throughout the year. The grassy plains and regular rainfall supports a huge population into attracting many predators. Save The Animals Movement.

Raising Money To Help

WildDale want to make life better for animals living in the wild.

Volunteer For Animals

World where all people respect, value conserve wildlife.
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